Processing of Personal Data

Kramont d.o.o. acknowledges that protection of personal data is a fundamental human right, which is also defined in Constitution of Republic of Slovenia. With respect to this, we will handle personal data in accordance with legal order and collect, process and store personal data only for purposes, allowed by the legislation. We treat personal data as strictly confidential and as a part of confidential processes and a part of strict corporate policy about protection of personal and business data.

In case, we need any of your personal data, we will inform you, explain why the data is needed and how it will be processed and, in special cases, will ask you to provide the data voluntarily, along with consent for processing the data.

This website was not created for purpose of collecting and processing any information from your computer without your knowledge, but we must ensure that the website is protected. With the respect to this, every time you visit, our servers record your IP address. IP address is a numerical data, uniquely assigned to your computer, every time you browse the internet. IP addresses are processed for purpose of diagnosing problems but are not connected to any other of your personal data. By that, we cannot determine your identity or your email address, unless you provide this information voluntarily.

Information about our website usage are important to us, because we want to provide the best possible user experience. This data will be collected and analyzed by using cookies.

If you are signed in the account of another provider (e.g. Google, Facebook, …) when browsing our website, that providers can follow your behavior on our website in accordance to their terms and selected settings in your computer. More information about that must be provided by individual providers.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, saved in the user’s web browser and used by majority of websites in order to recognize devices, used to access the internet, user’s settings (such as language, currency, resolution …) and other access characteristics (such as connection speed, type of web browser, web browser settings …). Usage and storage of cookies is completely under control of the web browser, used in a certain moment. You can limit or completely disable storage of cookies in the settings of the web browser, but that can impact some of the functionalities on our website, which could stop working or would work less effective.

Our website only uses one type of cookies: Necessary

Necessary cookies are needed for flawless performance of the website and to analyze the usage of the website. Those cookies are set, when you perform any action on a website, which happens by clicking the simple link. With the respect to GDPR, we do not need your explicit consent to use this type of cookies. If you disabled all cookies in your web browser, our website might not work for you. All necessary cookies are our own (called “first party cookies”), which we set in a way, that all IP addresses from all users are concealed. The table below shows where personal data, processed from cookies is being processed by third parties on our behalf (cookies are saved with them). If that includes the transfer of personal data outside of EU, a country is also listed, along with security measures.

Necessary cookies are:

Cookie name Purpose of processing Duration Processor
aviaPrivacyEssentialCookiesEnabled Checkking if current web browser allows cookies 1 year
aviaPrivacyRefuseCookiesHideBar Anonimously maintains session for user 1 year
aviaCookieConsent Statistics of website views 1 year
_utmb Statistics of website views session Google Analytics (Google Inc., USA, Privacy shield)
_utmc Statistics of website views 30 minutes Google Analytics (Google Inc., USA, Privacy shield)
_utmz Statistics of website views 6 months Google Analytics (Google Inc., USA, Privacy shield)
_ga Statistics of website views 2 years Google Analytics (Google Inc., USA, Privacy shield) and (Croatia)
_gid, _gat, _gat_UA-39690628-1, _gcl_au Statistics of website views 1 day Google Analytics (Google Inc., USA, Privacy shield) and (Croatia)